Fajri Mango Gift Box 10kg


Multani Fajri Mango is also a popular mango of Multan because  of its  Large  size, sweet taste  and fibre less pulp. Fajri Mango is a great source of obtaining a lot of pulp from a single fruit. The industries which need pulp in a large quantity in making of other foods and beverages like mango juices and other drinks, jams, pickles, chutneys and sauces etc. require a large quantities of Fajri Mangoes all around the year in order to meet their high mango-pulp needs. You can get High quality Fajri mangoes by Multan Point.

The mangoes Size and Quality you will get are Keenly Selected in accordance to fulfill your desire with export quality of Packaging.

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  • Scientific Name         Mangifera indica
  • Type                             Fajri
  • Origin                           Multan
  • Major Nutrients          Vitamin ( C- 60%,  A- 21%)
  • Calories:                      60-190 cal / 100 g
  • Weight/ Piece             600 – 800 gm (approx)
  • Size / Piece                 5 cm – 7 cm (approx)
  • Colour                          Yellowish Green
  • Acidic                            (0.16 -0.19) %
  • Cultivation Type         Traditional, Natural
  • Shelf Life                     5-7 Days
  • Brand                           Multan Point
  • Quality Available        Best Selected ( A Grade)
  • Taste:                           Sweet and Sourish,
  • Smell:                           Less Aromatic
  • Packaging Type          wooden crate
  • Packaging Size           8kg Rectangular Box
  • Appearance                 Presentable
  • Plucking                       Manual by plucking professionals
  • Variety Available          Fresh Mango Fruit
  • Delivery Time               3-4 working Days
  • Production Capacity   In Tons

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