Saroli Mango Export Quality (Fast & Free TCS Delivery)


Season opener Saroli is one of the Sweetest in the family of kings.
The Saroli is the earliest limited mango variety cultivated in Pakistan having:
– Guaranteed Sweetness
– Delicious Flavor
– Fully Juicy Pulp
– Smooth Flesh
– Fresh Fragrance
– Thick Orangish Yellow Pulp
– Carbide Free

Why Multanpoint?

  • The Mangoes Size and Quality you will get from Multanpoint are Strictly Selected in order to meet the satisfaction of our valuable Customers with Secure Gift Packaging.
  • We do not store Mangoes; we send fresh plucked mangoes from garden direct to your desired locations.
  • Natural Ripening Process
  • Export Quality Gift Box Packaging
  • Free and TCS Home Delivery.
  • 5 Days Easy Claim Offer

Claim Policy:
Normally it doesn’t happen but If the Mangoes get damaged in the delivery process, you can get your claim by informing us within 5 Days.


Important Note:
Saroli Mango has been finished for this season 2024

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  • Scientific Name         Mangifera indica
  • Type                            Saroli
  • Major Nutrients          Vitamin ( C,  A )
  • Calories:                      60-190 cal / 100 gm
  • Weight/ Piece             140g – 200g gm+
  • Taste                           Sweet
  • Size                              Medium
  • Skin Color                   Green and Yellow
  • Shape                           Oval
  • Pulp Color                  Orangish Yellow
  • Juice                           Scanty
  • Taste:                          Sweet
  • Flavor:                        Aromatic
  • Ripening Period         5 Days after Harvesting
  • Shelf Life                     7-10 Days after Ripening
  • Cultivation Type         Traditional, Natural
  • Quality Available        Export Grade
  • Packaging Type          Gift Box
  • Packaging Size           09 Rectangular Box
  • Appearance                 Presentable
  • Plucking                       Manual by plucking professionals
  • Variety Available         Fresh Mango Fruit
  • Delivery Time               3-4 working Days
  • Production Capacity   Limited

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Weight Packed in Garden

Export Grade 05kg+ Box, Export Grade 10kg+ Box

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