Sweet Langra Mango Export Quality (9-10kg) Box


”Langra Deliveries will Start in Soon”

Export Quality Langra Mango:
– Very Sweet and Juicy
– Weight= 225g to 600g+
– Smooth Pulp
– Gift Packing Export Quality
– Aromatic

– Carbide Free

Langra Mango is also a famous mango variety cultivating in Pakistan. As these oval-shaped( side pointed tail) and lush green in color mangoes offer bright yellow flesh that is incredibly juicy, Sweet, tantalizing, and fiberless with significant perishing smell. Therefore, this Variety never fails to win over the hearts of the Mango lovers.

Nonetheless, this mango have good taste but also this Mango is sugar friendly in nature. This variety of Mango has excellent demand in foreign countries specially Europe and Canada.

This mango has a growing season from May-end to July. Because of Multanpoint its very easy to have the Super Selected Gift Mangoes of this variety with Secure and Free Delivery.

Why Multanpoint?

  • The Mangoes Size and Quality you will get from Multanpoint are Strictly Selected in order to meet the high demand of our valuable Customers with Secure Gift Packaging.
  • We do not store Mangoes, we send fresh plucked mangoes from garden direct to your desired locations.
  • Natural Ripening Period
  • Carbide Free
  • Export Quality Gift Box Packaging
  • Free and Fast Home Delivery.
  • 5 Days Claim Offer

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  • Scientific Name          Mangifera indica
  • Type                              Langra
  • Taste:                           Sweet and Juicy,
  • Smell:                           Less Aromatic
  • Weight/ Piece             225 – 600 gm (approx)
  • Size / Piece                 10 cm – 12 cm (approx)
  • Color                            Yellowish Green
  • Major Nutrients          Vitamin ( C- 60%,  A- 21%)
  • Calories:                      60-190 cal / 100 g
  • Total Sugar                  (4.70±0.07d) %
  • Edible Portion             (71.22±1.40c) %
  • Moisture Content       (78.23±1.74ef) %
  • PH – Acidic                  4.45
  • Acidic                            (0.16 -0.19) %
  • Ripening Period         One week after Harvesting
  • Shelf Life                     7-10 Days after Ripening
  • Cultivation Type         Traditional, Natural
  • Brand                           Multan Point
  • Quality Available       Export type ( A Grade)
  • Packaging Type          Export Standard
  • Appearance                 Presentable
  • Plucking                       Manual by plucking professionals
  • Variety Available          Fresh Mango Fruit
  • Delivery Time               3-4 working Days
  • Production Capacity   In Tons

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Weight 9 kg

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