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Anwar Ratol Season is Over 2024.


Anwar Ratol is a Famous and Top Desired Mango by almost all of the Mango Lovers in Pakistan and throughout the globe because Anwar Ratol Mango have Mouth-watering, Lips-smacking properties due its:

– Super Sweet
– Juiciest Pulp

– Extraordinary Taste
– Delightful Strong Fragrance
– Smooth and Fibreless Flesh
– Attractive shape.
That’s why, it is specially used as Gifts and Luxurious Purposes. Above all, its a hot demand item for Export.

We are providing You Original Anwar Ratol #01 from the best selected Gardens.

Thus, Anwar Ratol you will get are Keenly plucked and Strictly Selected and Sorted from “Special Multan Gardens” in accordance to fulfill your desire with Durable and attractive Gift Packing.

Why Multanpoint?

  • The Mangoes Size and Quality you will get from Multanpoint are Strictly Selected in order to meet the high demand of our valuable Customers with Secure Gift Packaging.
  • We do not store Mangoes, we send fresh plucked mangoes from garden direct to your desired locations.
  • Export Quality Gift Box Packaging
  • Free and Fast Home Delivery.
  • 5 Days Easy Claim Offer(Inform Us, Will return your payment or Send you More Mangoes)

Our Guarantee:
The Mango You will get from Us is Pure and Original Anwar Ratol of Multan,
not 12 number or Desi Ratol.

You can Enjoy this Delicious and Original Anwar Ratol after ordering from Multanpoint via Free TCS Home Delivery.


Important Note:
Anwar Ratol Season is Over 2024.

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  1. Scientific Name         Mangifera Indica
  2. Type                             Anwar Ratol
  3. Brand                           Multan Point
  4. Taste                            Sweet and Sour
  5. Smell                            Strong aromatic
  6. Color                            Light Yellow
  7. Pulp Color                  Peach Yellow
  8. Weight/ Piece             130-180 (approx)
  9. Size / Piece                 8 cm – 10 cm (approx)
  10. Total Sugar                 (4.3 – 4.8) %
  11. Edible Portion            (60 – 70) %
  12. Moisture Content       87 %
  13. PH – Acidic                 4.17 approx
  14. Acidic                           (0.16 -0.19) %
  15. Major Nutrients          Vitamin ( C- 60%,  A- 21%)
  16. Calories:                      60-190 cal / 100 g
  17. Ripening Period         One week after Harvesting
  18. Shelf Life                     7-10 Days after Ripening
  19. Cultivation Type         Traditional, Natural
  20. Quality Available        Best Selected ( A Grade)
  21. Packaging Type          Premium/Gift
  22. Packaging Size           09kg+ Rectangular Box
  23. Appearance                 Presentable
  24. Plucking                       Manual by plucking professionals
  25. Variety Available          Fresh Mango Fruit
  26. Delivery Time               3-4 working Days
  27. Production Capacity   In Tons

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