Maldah Mango 9-10Kg Box


Mulatni Maldah is early seasonal Multani Mango and is known by its orangish Flesh Color with a unique taste. Mango have distinctive Sweet with little Tangish Taste and fragrance with fibreless flesh. Hence, This mango is likely utilized in various cities of Pakistan as compared to other available breeds like Saroli, Neelum, Fajri, Almas, Totapuri, and Desi.

In order to match the standards of your high expectations, Multanpoint keenly Select and Separates the only best available Size and Quality of Mangoes for their Customers with Safe Packaging. Malda Mango is limited till 2nd week of July so you can Order Now.

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  • Scientific Name         Mangifera indica
  • Type                             Maldah Mango
  • Origin                           Multan
  • Taste:                           Sweet and Sour
  • Smell                           Medium aromatic
  • Color                            Green
  • Pulp Color                  Oringish Yellow
  • Weight/ Piece             150 – 300 gm (approx)
  • Size / Piece                 3.5 c0m – 4.5 cm (approx)
  • Major Nutrients         Vitamin ( C- 60%,  A- 21%)
  • Calories                        60-190 cal / 100 gm
  • Acidic                            (0.16 -0.19) %
  • Ripening Period         One week after Harvesting
  • Shelf Life                     6-10 Days after Ripening
  • Cultivation Type         Traditional, Natural
  • Brand                           Multan Point
  • Quality Available       ( A+ Grade)
  • Packaging Type          Gift Packaging
  • Packaging Size           8kg Rectangular Box
  • Appearance                 Presentable
  • Plucking                       Manual by plucking professionals
  • Variety Available          Fresh Mango Fruit
  • Delivery Time               3-4 working Days
  • Production Capacity   In Tons