Multanpoint’s Fruit Punch 1kg Box


Multanpoint’s High Fruit Punch is a combination Recipe of multiple fruits enhancing its Taste to another Level.

It will be difficult for you to take off hands from this dessert after tasting it.

It is also a special and unique Product, very rare to find anywhere else.

A very presentable Oven Friendly, Crystal Acrylic Gift Box Packing.

MultanPoint’s Strong Claim:

You will Get one of the most Dominant Taste in Multan, Our delicious Taste will Speak by itself.

Note: We are providing Free Delivery only in Pakistan, for other countries Charges are included according to their Destinations.



  • Product Name       High Fruit Punch
  • Type                       Dessert
  • Origin                     Multan
  • Brand Name          MultanPoint
  • Calories:                150-200 cal /50g
  • Box Weight           1000gm (approx)
  • Size / Piece           8 inch – 10 inch (approx)
  • Color                      Whitish Brown
  • Cultivation Type    Traditional, Natural
  • Shelf Life                8-14 Days
  • Quality Available    Best Selected
  • Taste:                      Sweet
  • Smell:                      Sweet Desi
  • Box Type                 Crystal Acrylic
  • Packaging Type     5 layered Hard board
  • Appearance            Presentable
  • Delivery Pak           1-3 working Days
  • Delivery Others      2-5 working Days
  • Delivery Zone         Worldwide