Special Dry-Fruits Sohan Halwa 1kg Box

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Our Special Dry Fruit Sohan Halwa is for the people who like Extreme Dry Fruits in their Sohan Halwa.

The Quality of Dry-Fruits which You will get is High standard.

Our Formation and Texture of Sohan Halwa is very Special, You will Feel the Granules, Fruit(Nuts) and Taste of different ingredients with pure organic oil’s fragrance separately.

A very Presentable, Oven Friendly, Crystal Acrylic Gift Box Packing protected in 5 layers of Hard Board Box  for Long Travel and Safe deliveries.

MultanPoint’s Strong Claim:

⭐ You will Get one of the most Dominant Taste in Multan

⭐ Our delicious Taste will Speak by itself.

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  • Product Name      Special DryFruit
  • Type                       Sohan Halwa
  • Origin                     Multan
  • Brand Name          MultanPoint
  • Calories:                150-200 cal /50g
  • Box Weight           1000gm (approx)
  • Oven Friendly      Yes
  • Size / Piece           8 inch – 10 inch (approx)
  • Color                       Dark Brown
  • Cultivation Type    Traditional, Natural
  • Shelf Life                8-14 Days
  • Quality Available    Best Selected
  • Taste:                      Sweet
  • Smell:                      Sweet Desi
  • Box Type                 Crystal Acrylic
  • Packaging Type     5 layered Hard board
  • Appearance            Presentable
  • Delivery Pak           1-3 working Days
  • Delivery Others      2-5 working Days
  • Delivery Zone         Worldwide